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Does Asthma Cause Claustrophobia?

i’m asthmatic and feature claustrophobia. Does being asthmatic necessarily imply you’ll suffer, also, from claustrophobia? perhaps. I read about this in Prevention magazine. it seems that latest research display that there is a hanging connection among asthma and psychological problems, i.e. despair and anxiety. in case you’ve ever been in a scenario in which you haven’t been able to breath, it is not hard then for the thoughts to extrapolate, “small vicinity, no air.” inside the final year or so i have, sadly, had some anxiety attacks delivered about with the aid of allergies. as an example, during our experience to Russia I acquired a few computer virus. whilst we returned, i used to be sick for an excellent 6 weeks with coughing, sinus troubles and many others. So the coughing exacerbates the allergies. i am going to my allergist, taking all forms of stuff and still having hassle respiration. One night time I wake up in a sweat and am gasping for air.

I tried now not to panic. i used to be capable of slow my respiration down and paintings my way out of it. however it became frightening as hell. I can’t imagine what it’d be want to have a completely blown panic attack. but, again to bronchial asthma and claustrophobia. i have attempted to overcome the terror. a few years in the past whilst in Rome (oh, any other vacation dropper), we determined to visit the pinnacle of St. Peter’s Basilica. Now, in case you’ve ever been in these vintage church buildings, you could simplest surmise that the individuals who constructed them should had been 5’five” and a hundred and fifty kilos because all of the walkways are very slim and low. I decided to provide it a try (my mantra is that if God placed it in this earth, I need to peer it). It become July and peak traveller season. As we start to ascend, you are strolling in a spiral. So, you truly handiest see the humans’s butts in front of you. There are 100’s of humans in front of me and a hundred’s in the back of me.

No escape! My dear, dear husband. How i like him so. however what does he say? “this can’t be excellent in your claustrophobia”. Screenplay: wife reaches returned and strangles husband. existence: “i love you too expensive”. As you get toward the pinnacle of the dome, you’re now bending to the proper due to the fact the staircase mimics the dome. help!!! fortuitously, each such a lot of steps there was a small slit of a window. i would stick my head out of the window, take a deep breath, and continue. I made it to the pinnacle! Congratulations! Now to head backpedal… over the years i’ve climbed into the exceptional Pyramid of Giza, long past underground inside the Valley of the Kings, long gone into caves in Borneo (huge ones), and had a Cat test. i will fight it but I can’t defeat it.

For the closing 5 years i have been getting hypersensitive reaction injections. My allergies is almost, nearly, below control. And i’ve absolutely gotten better about being in small places however, any film or tv show that has someone locked in a room, a room with no window, or, God forbid, watch Kill bill, overlook it. I can’t watch. If a terrorist wanted information from me, simply threaten to position me in a small cellular with no window and withhold my rescue inhaler… i’ll talk, i’ll communicate!!!!! Oh, and no, no scuba diving. Enveloped by using water and respiration through a small tube? I don’t think so…

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